A N O T H E R  M I C H A E L

The brand is the soul of a company; it gives your audience something to connect with on an emotional level. When done well, it creates an intimate universe of the brands ideas and aspirations, that will engage and inspire, creating a much more valuable fanbase.

I create desire for brands, defining, conceptualizing and connecting every aspect of a brand experience.

A selection of works by michael milligan


experience amazing

The emerging luxury customer is driven less by ownership and status and more by experiences. We called them “experiential masters.” Always an innovator, Lexus could be repositioned as a visionary luxury brand focused not just on sheet metal, but on the creation of amazing experiences. Brought to life through a suite of content meant to inspire from the inside of the company to the outside, this work created a new culture from an emergent cult. Created at Berlin Cameron WPP as Creative Director.

Create a emotional connection with your fanbase and anything is possible


just the right amount of wrong

A brand conceived to reinvent the las vegas experience and disrupt the expected. We created a provocative mindset through design, music, fashion, art, technology & dinning. The creative platform was extensive, including brand identity, visual language, tone of voice, environmental design and creative direction, bringing to life an experience that is stylish and confident, yet refreshingly unexpected. The Cosmopolitan has been named to Conde Nast Traveler’s global “Hot List Hotels”, was featured on Travel and Leisure’s “It List” of the world’s best hotels, and received the Design Grand Prix award from the Cannes International Festival of Creativity and in 2016 was named as the #1 "Most Instagrammed Luxury Hotel" by Bloomberg. Curated Artist Partnerships include Fornasetti, Shepard Fairey & Various. Architecture Design: Rockwell Group. Created at Prophet Brand Strategy and independently.

Helen Godin, creative director and partner at Sid Lee and Cannes Juror: "It was a complete design experience and becomes the new standard for hotels. We all agreed maybe this is something that can be one example for restaurants, hotels and retail." It represents a trend to "think about having a complete, immersive experience, developing packaging, advertising from the roots of design, thinking in terms of branding first and, after that , spread the design all over the place." 

...it represents a trend to think about having a complete, immersive experience, developing packaging, advertising from the roots of design, thinking in terms of branding first and, after that, spread the design all over the place. ~cannes juror


reinventing an american icon

Reinventing an American Icon to an international icon required a mindset shift. The platform created a new attitude that inspired a modern, human and gracious lens to every moment a customer spends with Delta, as well as, reconnecting the brand with its employees. An optimistic brand system was created, including a new logo, livery, visual language, tone of voice, advertising platform and environmental design that captured the strength and confidence of the revitalized brand. In 2007, Delta airlines were in bankruptcy. In 2008, it rebranded and emerged from bankruptcy. In 2011, Delta was rated the 2nd most valuable airline brand in the world and first domestically with a brand valuation of over $3.6 billion. Created at Lippincott Mercer. Delta has won numerious international brand awards, including the REBRAND 100® Global Award.

Delta has been named one of the 50 most admired companies by fortune magazine for the past 5 years.


the cult of fashion

Consumers want to be part of luxury brands, not just own them. This project for the House of Gucci made that sentiment a reality. Including branding, original art, and concept creation for the Gucci Museo in Florence, Italy and a limited edition book & digital experience commemorating Gucci’s 90 years anniversary. Conceptually the project is a mashup of Gucci’s archives dating back to 1921 with the contemporary design expectations and modern perspective of Gucci’s Frida Giannini. All content was organized in one of four categories identified by a brand icon. GG represented History, Bamboo represented innovation, Horse Bit represented Mythology and Flora represented Creativity.

The Limited edition book was published by Rizzoli, Printed in Italy. Created at Arnell.

...the decadent Gucci: The Making Of, a 384-page beast of a book. the definitive guide to the world's most luxury-obsessed design empire.  ~Black Book


play a part

If you create the stage setting and it is grand. Everyone who enters will play their part - Morris Lapidus. This philosophy became the mantra of the multi-billion dollar rebranding and renovation of the legendary Fontainebleau Miami. The original property designed by Morris Lapidus in 54′ became a legend in the 50 & 60s with numerous films being shot there, including scenes from James Bond’s Goldfinger. Major performers including Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Elvis, The Beetles had all performed at the notorious nightclub. The rebranding created a new mindset reawakened this legend, taking inspiration from Lapidus, and creating a stage where guests are encouraged to play a part.

The branding platform introduced a new culture – one that blurs the line between the glamour of the past, the luxury of the present and the style of the future. The project included identity, visual system, advertising, digital design, wayfinding, signage, merchandising and packaging for the properties numerous restaurants, retail stores, bars and notorious LIV nightclub. Created at Arnell.

Like partying with celebs? Leonardo DiCaprio, Jay Z, Kanye West, George Clooney, Diddy and the entire Miami Heat all love this glittering groove palace. This is club for the beautiful people to liv. ~Rolling Stone


gangnam style

Frugal X Cool, a comprehensive rebranding of South Koreas’ largest big box retailer. Emart offers a variety of imported foods, premium wines, Korean specialties and eco-friendly organic products. Being a forward thinking, innovative retailer, they also created a line of exclusively designed home products co-created with numerous international designers. The home is their consumers universe and making the “everyday” special is the lens we created. The new positioning “everyday…” was delivered as an integrated branding experience including new identity, strategy, advertising campaign, visual system, retail design, social, digital, uniforms and all major touch points. The Bold use of color, authentic photography and smart, simple copy brings the brand vision to life. Owned by the Shinsegae holding company emart will have 168 stores in Koreas and 57 in China by 2015, making it the largest retailer in South Korea. Created at Prophet.

where the bright, cheerful essence of modern Seoul pop culture meets innovation in everything from gourmet kimchi to exclusive homeware offerings for a very “trend-savvy” audience.


thinking outside the box

A new ideas platform for WPP’s health & wellness initiative, ThinkWell will create content and experience offerings from the worlds most innovative thinkers. The first chapter was a complication of essays from leading thinkers at WPP, providing a snapshot into the challenges and opportunities that we will face in marketing communications in the immediate years ahead. The second, a pop-up at this years Cannes film festival.

Listen. Think. Create. Repeat.


on fleek

Reimagining what this iconic fast fashion brand stands for and reshaping consumer perception.  The conceptual lens “Good girls go to heaven. Bad girls go everywhere.” revisited a founding pillar of Bebe’s, feeling young, sexy and adventurous in life. More than a campaign. We created a concept for content creation, providing the landscape for imagery, the context for digital and the backdrop for events and in-store activity. It is where Bebe’s stories come to life and allow its fanbase to become immersed in the brand. The campaign featured Danish fashion model Nina Agdal (Sports Illustrated swimsuit model of the year/ dating Leonardo DiCaprio), shot at the Thompson Hotel & Gansevoort Hotel in NYC and Notorious Chateau Marmont in LA and launched in Vogues September issue. The platform has evolved over eight seasons and continues with an every progressing storyline. We heavily leveraged Nina’s Instagram, Vine & Facebook, as well as, numerous fashion bloggers to activate the social platform .

Good girls go to heaven, bad girls go everywhere. ~Mae West



Paul Rand, the genius that created and managed IBMs brand for decades used the concept of “play” as one of his creative pillars. One of his great quotes “Without play, there would be no Picasso. Without play, there is no experimentation. Experimentation is the quest for answers.”

This was the inspiration for 21 pieces of conceptual art commissioned by IBM. Each of the artworks was inspired by an innovator in the field of technology and science. The large scale installations were artfully reproduced in silkscreen, lithograph or digital. They all have a distinct playful, aesthetic defined by the ideas, inspirations, and inventions of the innovator.

A sample of innovators included:  Konrad Zuse (Turing-complete Z3), Hedy Lamarr (wireless communication), Copernicus (placed the sun at the center of the universe), Torres y Quevedo (chess machine), Torvalds (Linux kernel), Babbage (programmable computer), Rosing Bull (punchcard innovation), Archimedes (physics), Padre Himalaia (solar energy), Niels Bohr (atomic structure)

Without play, there would be no Picasso. Without play, there is no experimentation. Experimentation is the quest for answers.


Michael Milligan
Creative Director 

Located in NYC. 
resume & portfolio available upon request

Michael Milligan @ 2017